Going From Part-Time to Full-Time

Many of you will be part-time resellers, and as a way to supplement your income or to provide a second income, reselling is the perfect solution. Very flexible it can fit in around our busy lives.

Reselling is accessible to all, with very low start-up costs.  Most people already have the equipment needed to start reselling, and can therefore begin with very little investment.

You can earn money reselling from the comfort of your own home putting in as much or as little time as you are able to.

However some of you may be seriously considering taking the leap to becoming a full-time reseller to make this your sole source of income… in this video I discuss some practical things you can do to understand some of the financial realities of going full time.




  1. Hello you two , been watching your videos and just wanted to say thanks , very interesting and informative I have to say , although could do with more and better quality jokes ! certainly picked up some useful tips , I’m a part time reseller , I work nights for my bread and butter ,buying and selling when time allows , though I’m doing more and more and I’m seriously considering going full time some point down the line ,

    So thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work !
    Best regards mick Frederick .
    So thanks for the


  2. Hey both
    I have been watching your videos for just under a year now.
    It was just last week that I took the plunge and have gone into this full time.
    cannot wait for my journey! Thanks again for the inspiration!



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