Selling Clothes on eBay: Blogger Style

Watching out for current trends while sourcing

Bloggers & Vloggers have become today’s fashion icons and trend setters.  It is not a surprise that this should happen in these days of digital fame and notoriety, a time when a huge part of our lives are spent in cyber space.  Fashion designers are purposely using PicMonkey Collagefashion bloggers to publicise their collections.  They have more power in setting trends now than any fashion magazine or newspaper column, who previously monopolised the market.  Bloggers are even given their own designated digital space at the fashion shows so that they are able to immediately broadcast and appraise the newest collections as they hit the catwalk.

It is important to keep this in mind when sourcing clothes to resell.  If clothing is the niche that excites you enough to specialise in, to whatever extent, being knowledgeable about the current trends gives you a head start when looking out for items that will be saleable.

Below I have listed 10 Current Bloggers Trends to look out for during this Spring/Summer:

  1. Patterns – Gingham and Stripes
  2. The Pinafore Dress
  3. Ruffles
  4. Dungarees
  5. Asymmetric Hem Lines/The Dipped Hem
  6. Hot Pink
  7. Kitten Heels
  8. Ankle Boots
  9. Bell Sleeves
  10. The classic plain light blue Denim Jacket & Denim Jackets with a twist – embellished with patches and aztec embroidery (Festival Style)

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