My walk by the river…. by Monty

I decided to take the family for a stroll down the river today – they had been cooped up for too long staring at their screens and thought they needed some fresh air..

I let Mum and Ellen play on the swings for a while, Dad & I are far to grown up for that sort of thing


Dad tried to capture my rugged beauty with a few pictures, not sure he was getting my good side, he tries, bless him.


Mum wouldn’t let me go swimming in the river today (spoil sport) but I fearlessly lead us over this extremely dangerous bridge instead…. I think the others were scared but I showed them how it was done πŸ™‚


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Pretty soon I knew I had to get everyone home – these humans tire so easily you know… no stamina…


All good things come to an end, I hope you enjoyed sharing in my walk down the river – till next time

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Monty x



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