I take the family out to see the bluebells

I thought it was about time I took the family out for another adventure, I know they like pretty scenery and I had the perfect place in mind….

At this time of year there are some amazing places I know where the woods are carpeted in bluebells….. so I rounded up the troops and headed out.

While on our travels I met a rather tasty sort…. we exchanged a few bum sniffs, but we simply weren’t right for each and parted ways amicably….

We all made fools of ourselves in the park, well dad made a fool of himself, I think I looked rather cool myself…

After wearing them out on the play equipment I took them further into the woods, I like to wear them out, they are a lot less bother when they are tired….

Ellen and I looked at a little house, not quite up to my standards of comfort so we didn’t make an offer and moved on.


I hope you enjoyed looking at some pictures and videos of our little family jaunt… till next time,  M

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