In this second part of our ongoing style series we are focussing on styles and keywords for listing men’s shirts/t-shirts/tops and women’s blouses/t-shirts/tops.

When researching styles and keywords Google Image Search is your friend.  I have found a few examples for you, to give you as many varied keyword ideas and options as possible…

types of shirt

ladies tops

Above is a self explanatory selection of male and female tops and shirts.

  • A Princess Vest is sleeveless without a collar.
  • A Western Shirt is recognisable by the Cowboy style stitching and angular, shield like pocket shapes.
  • A Gypsy Top could also be called a Peasant Top, Shirt or Blouse
  • A Peplum Top/Blouse is recognisable by the skirt like material at it’s base.


shirt 4 types


Male shirts tend to come in these four basic fits:

  1. Slim – comfortable slim fitting shirt with back body darts for shaping.
  2. Extra Slim – Fitted Shirt with a slender body shape and back body darts for a closer fit.
  3. Tailored – Slightly tapered classic shirt – not as closely cut as the slim.
  4. Classic – Traditional fit – unrestricted – straight cut.


Other types of male tops and t-shirts include those in the image above.

  • Basic T-Shirt – short sleeved with a crew neck
  • Golf or Polo Shirt – short or long sleeved with a soft collar and buttons
  • Henley Shirt – Short or long sleeved T-shirt/Top with a distinctive shape to the collar – essentially a collarless polo shirt
  • Jersey – This is more an American Term.  We would probably call this a Long Sleeved T-shirt.  With a number on, as in the example above, this would be known as a Sports Jersey.


All keywords are highlighted.  Any further information can be found with the Google Image Search ‘Shirt Styles’. Please feel free to bookmark this page for reference.


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