Monty: My trip to the vets

A couple of weeks ago I got a bit over-excited and jumped down the last few stairs at home, I hit the ground with an almighty thud and suddenly found that i couldn’t get up again…

After eventually getting back on my feet it was clear that I had done some damage, I was in a lot of pain and struggling to walk… So, a few hours later Mum and dad took me to an out of hours vets.

Upon arrival at the vets I thought it best that I familiarise myself with the reception area…. So I had a little wee… which turned into an endless torrent as I had been cooped up for so long at home and in the car….


I was quite impressed with my work – Mum and Dad, not so much – and the receptionist lady… Hmmmm lets just say I’m not on her Christmas list.

Soon enough we were taken into the vets room – time for a quick explore – despite the pain I can’t resist a quick hobble about to sniff stuff….


Dad then put me on the table… now this doesn’t happen at home!!!


Then the vet started prodding and poking me….. i got a bit snappy when he started pulling my leg about…. WHAT DID HE EXPECT!!! so I was muzzled…. how undignified!


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After more prodding and poking and some injections I was finally allowed out…


No serious damage done, as we travelled home the pain relief drugs kicked in and I went on quite a trip!!! Drugs… Just say No kids!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little story even if it did take a few weeks to write

take care M x

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