Yard Sale Treasure Hunting… Vlog & Haul…

We went to a ‘Yard Sale Trail’ which was great fun and proved to be a great way to find a good mix of stuff for reselling…

‘Yard Sale Trails’ sometimes called ‘Jumble Trails’ or ‘Garage Sale Trails’ are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to car boot sales, we have been to 3 now and have found them to be great fun and always manage to find some good stuff.

There is an added excitement from the ‘Treasure Hunt’ aspect as you follow a map to discover each stall. If you fancy attending one of these events, google and facebook searches and keeping your eye on local newspaper events pages should alert you to similar events in your area.

The first video below follows us as we travel around trying to find all the stalls and pick up lots of bargains as we go.

The second video is shows the haul of items we picked up in more detail and we talk about how the day went and the items we found šŸ™‚



We have plans to start our own ‘Yard Sale Trail’ here in Hitchin… probably in the Autumn now, looking forward to setting that up & if we do we will no doubt make a video to document the day.

Hope you enjoyed the videos

Nic & Andrea

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