Style Series: The Ultimate Guide to Collars, Cuffs & Sleeves

For the third part of our style series we are focussing on keywords for styles of collars, cuffs and sleeves. Whether it is a men’s shirt, a woman’s blouse, a dress, top, jacket and so on, we have found all the keywords you will need to describe the varying types and styles in your listings.






Let’s start with Collars…

Below are examples of Men’s collar types.  The keywords can be mixed to show variations.  For instance a Classic Pinned Collar.

collars 2

collars 1

collars 4


Women’s collar names and styles can be a lot more complex and varied.  Below are some examples of that:

female collars

Some collars look very similar with only subtle differences, such as the Peter Pan, the Puritan and the Pointed Flat.  It’s worth paying attention to this because a mistake in keyword description can often lead to a customer return.

collars 3

Although many female collar styles are no longer in fashion, it’s useful to have some examples of historical collars to file away for listing Vintage items.




cuffs 2


Again, very subtle differences, but fairly straight forward to identify.


Women’s Sleevesfemale sleeves

Be careful to pay attention to the angle of the seams and the length of sleeves when identifying your sleeve type.


Whilst we have aimed to make this post as comprehensive as possible, any further information can be found with the Google Image Searches ‘Sleeve Styles’, ‘Shirt Cuffs’, ‘Shirt Collars’ and ‘Blouse Collars’.

Please feel free to bookmark this page for reference.


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