Our trip ‘oop north’ to visit Zaheer & Bec

Making videos on YouTube has brought many blessings and surprises, one of which was the meeting of two like minded resellers, Nic & Zaheer, approximately three years ago. Sharing an equal passion for their businesses, and a sense of humour, the two men have become firm friends, and a regular weekly ‘Tat Chat’ was born, airing live every Tuesday evening on YouTube. Early last year Zaheer came to visit us and he & Nic enjoyed a night out in Hitchin.  Later that year we met again when we organised a reseller meet up, again in Hitchin, with more of our close knit reselling friends.  We met Bec that weekend and a lot of fun was had.

We all found that we had so much in common, with not only a passion for reselling, but we are also all parents of teenage girls, very close in age.  Although we are still attempting to plan another night of reseller drunken fun, dancing and antics with our group of friends, we thought it would be a lovely idea for our two families to spend some time together, and for our daughters to meet.  So on a weekend in July of this year Nic, Ellen and I headed off on a road trip to Lancashire to visit the Malik family for a couple of days.

Zaheer and Bec have a weekly Friday evening live chat.  We thought that it would be really good fun if we arrived either before or during the stream so that we could surprise everyone watching, as we know that many people Nic & I chat to on a Sunday evening also chat to Zaheer & Bec on a Friday.  Heavy traffic delayed our progress, so Zaheer and Bec started their stream a little later than usual, but mission accomplished, we managed to arrive during their stream and surprised everyone watching.



We discussed heading out to a boot sale together on the Saturday morning, however we had so much to chat about, and to catch up with, that we didn’t make it to bed until after 3am!  We really didn’t fancy a 6am start, so we had a slightly more leisurely morning and instead headed in to town for a spot of charity shopping.

Following the grey and rainy day before, the Saturday saw glorious weather… endless blue skies and warm sunshine.  The town that Zaheer & Bec have moved to is really lovely.  Beautiful architecture and manicured gardens.  The town centre was reminiscent of our own home town which is an historic market town.  There were several charity shops to explore.  Despite trying not to buy anything (a familiar story) I somehow came away with two carrier bags full of clothes!  I just can’t resist a sale rail 😉

We headed in to Lytham St Annes (close to Blackpool) in the afternoon for a walk on the beach with Monty.  Monty was living life, splashing around in the puddles, and even went for a swim in the sea with Zaheer!  We explored the beach finding many dead jellyfish which were just incredible to look at, I’ve never seen one that close up before.  A few hours later we were back at the car park!  We hadn’t anticipated that we’d be walking for so long, but the time had flown by.  There was only one thing for it now… a pub meal to round off the day.  We ate at a lovely pub where we sat by the canal and enjoyed the last of the warm sunny evening.

Nic & I brought forward our Sunday evening live chat to the Saturday evening, and broadcast it from Zaheer’s computer.  We did this for two reasons.  We knew that we would be travelling home on the Sunday evening, but we also thought it would be fun to include Zaheer and Bec.  We rounded off the evening with more alcohol and chat but we had an earlier night as we had decided that we would definitely all go to the boot sale in the morning.



Less than four hours sleep and a 6am start, we all, including our daughter Ellen and Zaheer and Bec’s youngest daughter, Zara, headed for the boot sale.  This is a very unusual event for the Hills’ family as Ellen doesn’t usually join us.  However, I think she quite enjoyed it and did well picking up a few items for herself as well (not to resell I hasten to add).  Including a huge stack of Kerrang magazines, many of which featured posters and articles from her favourite bands.

Bec put on a wonderful spread for lunch which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  After lunch we joined Zaheer and Bec on their YouTube Channel for a live Boot Sale Haul (our viewers were thoroughly spoiled this weekend :)).



Zaheer, Bec, Hannah and Zara were so welcoming to us, we all felt at home, including Monty, who, despite their super cute cat Kyomi residing upstairs, he was incredibly happy and relaxed.  We loved our weekend with the Malik’s and were very sad to say goodbye on the Sunday evening.  We’re really looking forward to organising for them all to come and stay with us next.

Below are the videos we made over the weekend:


We arrive at 27 minutes in!!


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