Come Thrift With Me at the Jumble Sale – Jumble Sale Haul to Make and Save Money

The beauty of a jumble sale as a clothing reseller is twofold.  On the one hand the prices are low which means that there is always a good profit to be made.  On the other hand, the chances are that you will find one or two items for yourself too, so you can revive your wardrobe on a budget.


Last month Nic & I visited our regular local Jumble Sale.  Of all the sales we’ve been too this one is by far my favourite.  I always find some lovely quality branded clothing, and with the prices ranging from 20p to no more than £1 an item, I find that I can fill an ikea bag very quickly.  As we enter the door to the hall there are some rails to my right.  That is where I head first.  This is where the best clothing will be.  Everything on the rails is £1 no matter if it is a Coat or a Skirt.  I once found a Ralph Lauren Denim coat which I resold on ebay for £200!  In the past I have found a Levi Jacket, high end high street brands and an abundance of lovely vintage clothing.

Once I have made my rail purchases I head to the tables behind the rails.  The clothes here are deemed to be of better quality than the general jumble, and everything here is priced at 50p.  Lastly the tables across the room hold the 20p clothing, so I head over there to see what’s left.  I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple of vintage gems there before which have slipped through the sorting net.

In the video below I show you the items I picked up on the day, how much I paid and how much I will be selling each item for.  There were a few keepers for me too 😉  Look out for a cameo from Monty!

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