Using a window blind as an ebay photography backdrop.

Andrea needed a new plain white backdrop for her ebay clothing pictures,

we wanted something that didn’t take up any space and could be packed away easily.

The perfect solution was a roller window blind.

Watch below to see how we got on fitting it above the doors to Andrea’s office

Click this link to take a look at the blinds on Amazon they have a large range of colours/sizes to suit your needs.



I (Nic) love any excuse to get my tool box out and make a mess…. I resisted the urge to ignore the instructions and read them first like a good boy 🙂



The blind is a quality thick ‘blackout’ blind with a max drop of 210cm, the listing on Amazon has a range of colours and sizes to suit any taste and space… Click here to take a look.



We are very please with how discreet and convenient it is, I may yet lower it into the recess at the top of the door so it touches the floor. Other than that we are very happy with how it looks.



Thanks for reading – take care, Nic & Andrea

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