Create a lead image for eBay with the ‘Layout’ app, using more than one photo of your item.

When listing an item for sale on eBay sometimes one lead photo just isn’t enough to make an impactful first impression, and to inspire your customer to click through to find out more.  There are times when you also want to show close ups of areas of interest, or show the item from different angles, to give your customers more of an idea.  The Layout App by Instagram is a perfect tool for this.

(See the video below, for a walk through, of my listing process, using the app to create the lead photo:)

You can create a photo collage using from 2 to 9 images of your item.  The app also gives you layout options.  So for example if you want to add 4 photos the app will show you different ways in which you can present them:

                                        Option 1                                              Option 2

For a lead image I will usually opt for a large main image and two or three smaller images to show other areas or close ups of the item that I believe will help to sell it:


Once you have created your photo collage in Layout it will automatically save to your camera roll.  This makes it easy to drop the image straight in to an eBay listing draft in the eBay app, or to upload to your computer, to drop in to your eBay listing on your desktop.

There a many other photo collage apps available, however, the Layout app is by far my favourite.  It is easy to navigate, user friendly and intuitive.  The grid layouts are clean and simple which make for a clear, no fuss, lead image that will stand out amongst similar listings.



  1. Thank you Andrea for your very clear and helpful video on the Layout App.
    I’m up and running now thanks to you
    Best regards


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