8 Thrifted looks for Summer & why Thrifting is a good thing to do…

As a clothing reseller it’s so difficult to pass up on items you love and want to keep for yourself!  So I’ve put together a video, just for fun, with 8 different outfits, and looks for summer, using items I’ve thrifted for myself.

I find it hard to justify buying new clothing these days.  The fast fashion industry is hitting a crisis point.  We are seeing big clothing chains going out of business due to increasing competition, driving prices down.  The cheaper prices may seem great for business on the face of it… the cheaper the item, the more the customer will buy.  Unfortunately this has only proved to devalue clothing in so many ways.  Making clothing cheap to buy creates a throwaway culture.  The customer does not value the clothing they own.  They are more likely to become bored with what they have quicker, and throw away, or give away their clothes on a more regular basis.  It is easier and more convenient than ever to refresh your wardrobe regularly and replace the items you have become bored with.  We no longer ‘Make do and mend’, we discard and replace.  It just isn’t sustainable, let alone the impact it has on our environment.


The upside to thrifting and buying second hand or vintage is that you never quite know what you’re going to find.  I source clothing to resell and to wear, at boot sales, jumble sales, yard trails and in charity shops.  They are an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of treasure where you can find one off gems and vintage loveliness.  If you are a follower of fashion trends, there will always be pieces you can find to put together to create an on trend look, with the added bonus that your outfit will be more unique, quirky, and difficult to duplicate.


Thrifting soon becomes addictive and a way of life.  The buzz of the hunt, the euphoria of the find, and the feeling of wellbeing you gain, when you realise you are making positive environmental changes, reducing pollution and waste, are hard to shake.  Less new clothing manufactured means less production of synthetic fibres, less energy used, less toxic by-products released, and less landfill.


Simply put, thrifting is a cool thing to do.  Social and environmental conscience aside, it enhances your creativity and individuality.  You can find cut price designer pieces and one off vintage items that will ensure you stand out from the crowd, and with the money you have saved you can treat yourself to more.  It’s win win every time!


Let me know in the comments if thrifting is something you love to do?


  1. Wow Andrea! What a fab video!
    This is my favourite of yours so far, they just keep getting better.
    Ellen obviously gets her modelling ability from you.
    More like this please!


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