5 Fashion Trends to Thrift for Autumn/Winter 2018…

As a reseller I’m very passionate about repurposing items, none more so than clothing.  I personally favour shopping for second hand and vintage clothing rather than buying new from high street stores etc. There are many upsides to this, one being that I can find individual and one off pieces, which means I’m not wearing the same as everyone else, another is the joy of the hunt, I never know what I will find, but most importantly it’s a conscious choice to remove myself from the problems our world faces due to fast fashion.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 15.32.21

Extending the life of your clothing via recycling, repurposing or upcycling reduces carbon, waste and pollution.  It also greatly impacts the depletion of our Earth’s water. Thrifting and shopping for second hand or vintage clothing is one way in which we can do this.

Below are 5 fashion trends for this Autumn/Winter season that you can look for while out thrift and vintage shopping.  They are also great key styles to look out for when thrifting to resell…

Animal Print

Tiger print, Zebra print, Snakeskin, Leopard print, you name it… we’re seeing a lot of it on the high street at the moment, with particular emphasis on bold colourful takes on a traditional staple.

I picked up this Leopard print Trench Coat recently from a Boot Sale.  It was just 50p!  Sadly it’s missing the belt, but due to its fitted design that doesn’t detract.  It ticks two trend boxes ‘Trench Coat’ and ‘Animal Print’.  I’m not a huge fan of leopard print myself so this is currently up for sale in my online shop for £29.99.



Whether it is an outerwear cape or a snuggly knitted cape they are very much on trend for this season.  I picked up this cape at a Jumble Trail.  I paid £1.  It still has its original tag and was unworn.  I was drawn to it’s design with the buckle and the button detail at the arms.  Again I have decided to resell this.  It’s not an expensive brand but the style should make it desirable.  I am hoping to get £12.99.



This timeless style is back again for another Autumn/Winter season.  We’ve seen lots of examples of it on the catwalks during the fashion weeks from designers such as Fendi, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Prada, among others.

I found these great Prince of Wales Check trousers from Zara in a charity shop.  They were on the £1 rail.  Unfortunately there is a button missing from one of the back pockets, but this is easily solvable.  I love them.  They are perfect for the chillier days and the days when I need to reach for something a bit smarter.


I’m loving the 70’s vibe of this trend with corduroy suits for both men and women, retro shearling jackets and cord blazers.

This is a Laura Ashley cord jacket that I found at a jumble sale. I love the versatility of it, It can be worn as outerwear on autumnal days or it can be paired with similar grey cord trousers or a skirt to create the look of a suit.  I have done exactly that with this black cord jacket which I thrifted for £1 from a Jumble Sale and this black cord skirt that was just 50p in a charity shop sale.


The rainbow trend made a statement in the summer and it isn’t going anywhere.  This season we are seeing jumpers, coats, bodywarmers, warm dresses and much more.  It’s a fun vibrant, happy trend which can be worn as boldly as you dare, from complete rainbow coverage to subtle stripes and motifs.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 17.03.12


Below is a short video that I’ve put together with a little more detail.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on thrifting and sustainable fashion either here or over on YouTube.


Thanks for reading 😀

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