Let’s go shopping in my stock…

We will never again complain about the amount of stock we have gathered, and how much we have left unlisted!  This year has thrown a curve ball at the world, in epic proportions, with many losing their jobs and worrying for their financial security, many furloughed on less pay, and businesses wondering if they will survive the year!  Although the future is uncertain, we are counting our blessing every day.  We are still able to continue running our small family business and thanks to the amazing work of the Royal Mail and Couriers who are still working, we can continue to serve our customers in the best way that we can.  For now, we are ok, financially and health wise, and we are incredibly grateful for that.  We are also grateful that we have always operated with a backlog of stock.

I chastised myself for buying too much last year, and for being way too slow listing it for sale.  Now, I’m happy that this is the case.  I have possibly enough stock to see me through the next few months without the worry of not being able to source.

Join me in the video below as I go through some of the stock I’ve had squirrelled away…



  1. Great video Andrea. That big tablecloth might be a scarf as liberty made varuna wool scarves in similar patterns…. nice to find such treasures in your stock!


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