Eating Plant Based & Dairy Free

I have a clear memory of the moment I decided I wasn’t eating meat anymore, I was 15 and mad cows disease was rife. My Mum was very resistant to cook anything different for me but was convinced by my Nan that I was just going through a phase! The repulsion for eating anything that once lived started at a much younger age, though, when it was once explained to me that we would be eating a Lamb!! The BSE outbreak was just the catalyst I needed to finally say, enough is enough.

Cutting out dairy seemed like a prospect that was too far out of reach at that time. I admired those that had taken the leap but three reasons held me back. One was that the vegetarian options were few and far between for a long time and vegan options were non existent in the mainstream. The second was that I was addicted to dairy. I loved milk, cream, cheese and chocolate. Giving any of that up was inconceivable. The third was that I had little understanding of how much suffering was caused due to the dairy industry, and naively thought that as long as animals weren’t being killed it wasn’t a problem to consume other animal products. I do believe, however, that farming practices have worsened over the years, which brings me to the reason I finally took the leap towards eating plant based and dairy free.

At the time of writing this I have been vegan for five years. Thankfully available options have improved over the years and it is not difficult at all to find plant based alternatives in supermarkets. Most restaurants offer at least one vegan option these days too, which is a huge improvement in recent years. I’m still able to enjoy chocolate, most of it is preferable, I have found alternative milks that I like in unsweetened Soya milk for tea and coffee, and Oat milk for cereal, hot chocolate and sauces etc, and Violife cheese is now my go to. In this privileged western culture, we are spoilt for choice and there is no need to go without.

If you have already, or are thinking of making a change towards eating a more plant based diet, whether that means that you are simply cutting back a little on your meat consumption, or you are making some serious changes for your health, the animals, or the environment, the video linked below is a vlog of a what I eat on a typical working day. There may be an idea or two that is of interest to you.


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